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Jenna Henderson Blog: Welcome to the new blog home!

Almost a decade ago I sat down at the computer, opened up a web browser, and started a blog. It was something I had seen so many other photographers doing, and I loved getting to see their images and get a peek into their lives. So, I felt it was time for me to jump on the blog bandwagon. 

Now, 9 years later, I'm still blogging! I've posted over 1000 blog posts since my very first one. My blog has evolved quite a bit over the years. I've chronicled all kinds of stories, both of my clients' and of my own family. There was even a time when I blogged every. single. day. Obviously, that was a time before I had kids!

Now, it's time for my blog to evolve once more. This time, that evolution means a complete overhaul and brand new home for my blog. While my has served me well for the past several years, I feel it's time to elevate my blog's aesthetics and functionality with a full makeover.

From now on, my new blog home will be

I think you'll find this new home to be more mobile friendly and just overall prettier. I've been working on bringing a few of my favorite blog posts over, so there is already some gorgeous content for you to see. Moving forward, I hope to bring even more awesome content, including a new series of tips for brides when it comes to booking and working with a wedding photographer. 

If you really just miss the old blog, don't worry ... it'll always be around.

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One easy trick to make getting ready photos look perfect

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Floral robes make great gifts ... and photos!